Hey world! Long time no see. But such is life. You get into a grove and life smacks you in the face. But long time waiting and trust its not for nothing.blind-encounters-part-2. Here it is Blind Encounters-Part 2. I will not be slacking. I’m more focused than ever.

As always, I appreciate the love early. This will be a book. So be on the look out for ya girl😘😘😘😘

Blind Encounter

Whats up world and fans!!! Nymmz back with something different. This is my series, Blind Encounter. I have given you the 1st part and the rest will follow. If you guys like it, stay tuned. As always feel free to comment, criticise, or even say it was awesome. Lol… I thank everyone who has helped me with this and shout out to my already die hard fans! 😘 Appreciate the Love!!! So Enjoy the 1st installment of Blind Encounter.

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Hey soon to be fans! Ya girl here.. Ok here is how this is going to go. These are rough drafts.. Fresh from the brain. So please feel free to comment about grammar, ideas, anything that will help me.